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Compliance Word Background Legal Regulations AdherenceTrain. Test. Certify.

Today’s compliance environment demands a comprehensive approach to make sure every consumer interaction is conducted by a trained professional operating under strict guidelines. Be confident your people know the rules, and are comfortable operating under them in every conversation.

Who should go through this course? Credit Unions… Collection Agencies… Debt Buyers… Title Companies… Call Centers… Creditors… Law Firms… Title Companies… State Revenue Offices… Credit Repair Companies… Hospitals…

In the words of others who have gone through the course…

We enrolled 20 of my collectors for FDCPA certification. My collectors are very happy with the education as it is video based and they tell me they feel more confident on the telephones when speaking to debtors. We are going to require all new collectors to get certified before we put them on the telephones. This is the best training we have ever seen. Ross Gelfand, Law Offices of Ross Gelfand LLC
This is one of the best if not the best on line courses I have ever taken. It is tough but if you pay attention and watch the videos you will get through it. I highly recommend it for everyone in the consumer collection industry. John Palumbo, Municipal Credit Union of New York
One of our collectors has been certified by FDCPA Certification and feels he is more confident and productive when talking with debtors. We decided to sign up additional collectors and believe the education is a valuable tool in helping to prevent FDCPA complaints. We intend to utilize the fact that our collectors are certified to attract new consumer clients.
Robert P. Ingold, President, Commercial Collection Corp. of NY
Daily Testing Only
$9.97Per Month
  • Text of FDCPA
  • Video Training
  • Written Analysis
  • Daily Test Questions Pushed to Students
  • Answer Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Student Management Console
  • Work Toward Certification
Full Course Only
$147One Time
  • Text of FDCPA
  • Video Training
  • Written Analysis
  • Guided Course Up Front
  • Quizzes on Each Section
  • Final Exam
  • Earn a Certificate
  • CLE Eligible (in some states)

Short Preview Video

The course has 11 sections – each covering one or more sections of the FDCPA. Each section includes the text of the act, a 3-5 minute video presentation (click to the left for a sample), further written analysis and a short quiz.

After all sections have been successfully completed, there is an 80-question final exam. Once the final exam has been successfully completed, the student is issued a personalized certificate.

Getting started couldn’t be easier (or more important!)

In the words of others who have gone through the course…

We just tested our entire compliance team and collection floor! Very happy with the product.

- Daniel Fallon, Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, P.C.

I thought it was a very good course. I liked how each section was broken down into 3 parts-legal,narrative, and layman’s terms.

- Beth Kelsey, Liberty Savings Bank

I was lucky to take the FDCPA certification training with you. I enjoyed every section, very well presented. The videos were excellent,the quizzes forced me to make more effort and review all the facts. I also like the fact that one cannot move to the next section until one passes the quizzes. Thank you for that wonderful learning experience.

- Claudette Chanoine, Collector

This will definitely help with my job as a collector and my duties here at our office. Thank you for the insight that will help keep me on my toes to do my job the right way. Looking forward for more to come in the future.

- Troy Houston, DeGrasse and Rolnick

Your FDCPA course was really very informative. There were a few things I was not even aware of as a collector that I found out during the coursework. I am sure it will help me do my job more effectively. Thanks!!!

- Chris Anifowoske, Municipal Credit Union of New York

I just finished (and passed) this course. It’s really good! It’s presented well and easy to understand. It takes about 4 hours to complete the course and then you get 2 hours to complete the final exam which is made up of 80 questions. After a while, complying with the FDCPA becomes habit and I think this is a good exercise in reviewing/ remembering why we do what we do.

- Megan Pieracci, KeyPoint Credit Union