FDCPA Certifications LLC Partners with Learn.Net to Bring Daily FDCPA Testing to the Collection Industry


Grand Rapids, MI (March 13, 2014) – Industry compliance training leader FDCPA Certifications LLC has joined forces with Atlanta-based Learn.net to bring an exciting new compliance training alternative to the debt collection industry.

For the last year and a half, FDCPA Certifications has provided high-quality online FDCPA training programs to hundreds of debt collectors, creditors and law firms.

However, with increasing pressure mounted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) on the financial industry, it has become clear that the marketplace is in need of alternative – and more robust – training solutions.

The original online course, which is still available as a standalone product or in conjunction with the new process, consists of 11 video-based modules. Each covers one or more sections of the FDCPA with video explanations, written analysis, section quizzes and a final exam.

The new program presented with Learn.net offers all of the existing video and analysis as study guides. Instead of online quizzes and tests, however, it pushes daily test questions out to each collector via a choice of email, SMS text, a desktop app or directly integrated to the collectors’ collection software.

Three popular collection software platforms are already integrated, and several more are in the works. Integration means that daily test questions are pushed directly to the end user at the beginning of their daily work queue. The integrated providers are:

  • JST (CollectMax)
  • Roydan Enterprises (Bloodhound)
  • The Computer Manager, Inc (Debt$Net)

Every answer submitted by collectors is tracked.  Because the testing system is competency-based, it is able to identify each collector’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of the entire team.  After a start-up period, the testing software switches from delivering randomized questions to individualized, targeted questions pertaining to the FDCPA program.

Comprehensive reports are available to training directors and compliance officers, demonstrating both comprehension and retention of collectors’ initial training knowledge, as well as their status towards their required compliance training.

Collection firms can use these real-time reports to improve their internal training process, and to show the CFPB as well as their clients that they have a training process in place that continuously verifies their collectors’ understanding of the FDCPA regulations

The new FDCPA Certification course is an innovative and effective way to introduce new collectors to the rapidly-changing challenges of FDCPA compliance, and a strong refresher for more experienced collectors to stay on top of their game.

About FDCPA Certifications, LLC: FDCPA Certifications LLC is a Michigan-based company that offers a widely-utilized FDCPA compliance training course to the creditor, debt buyer and debt collection marketplaces. Hundreds of companies use it to train or retrain their collection staff on compliance issues in consumer interactions. For more information, contact Jack Gordon at (616) 682-5327 or jack@fdcpacertification.com

About Learn.net: Learn.net is an Atlanta-based software company that develops and services technologies for interactive learning.  The company’s CADE (Communications and Distance Education) suite of solutions is installed and operational in several large enterprises, and includes the Virtual Classroom (two-way interactive platform for group-based learning, via satellite or the internet), CADE Mobile (rapid authoring of job aids for mobile devices), and Eterna (adaptive compliance management system for continuous proficiency training and evaluation of call center agents).  All CADE solutions are built on top of an enterprise-class learning management system (LMS) using the same database and a common authoring platform. For more information, contact Mr. Johan Praats at (678) 277-4687 or johan.praats@learn.net