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FDCPA Certifications has a new training platform! So where do you go to log in?

If you have already been set up on the new platform and you need
to log in to take the course (or recertification), please log in here.

If you are in the middle of taking the course on our old platform
and you need to continue taking it there, then please log in here.

If you are brand new to us and need to put your employees through the course…
If you have an account on our old platform but need to set up
new students, or need to recertify existing students…

…then click here to set up an account on our new platform, and
contact us (from the helpdesk) to migrate your existing
students over for you (it just takes a few minutes!)

Still not sure where to go? It doesn’t hurt to try to log in to either platform.
If you are still stuck, feel free to call us at 855-239-4555.

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